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Benefits of Staying in Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong



Why You Should Consider a Serviced Apartment When Moving to Hong Kong




When in conversation with foreign visitors who are planning to visit or move to Hong Kong, the topic of serviced apartments often leads to puzzled looks or polite nods. Many are not familiar with the possibility of renting a short term apartment in Hong Kong. Questions such as “what is a serviced apartment?” and “why stay in a serviced apartment when you can stay in a hotel?” often arise. The following 5 benefits of staying in a serviced apartment in Hong Kong will help answer these questions.




1. Your Home Away from Home

Serviced apartments occupy a middle ground between hotels and regular rental apartments. Expat living in Hong Kong is often temporary to complete a work assignment, and many expats do not expect to stay permanently. However, they still desire to live comfortably in a spacious environment, as many are accompanied by their families. Renting a regular apartment is often not a possibility with rental contracts in Hong Kong stipulating at least 1 to 2 years. Most hotel rooms do not provide as much space as rental apartments, and cannot provide the same feeling of being a home away from home.

In these situations, renting a serviced apartment is the ideal solution. Serviced apartments are a home away from home, providing a living environment that is more spacious than a hotel room, as well as being fully furnished. It provides all the benefits of a regular apartment, and you won’t have to worry about signing a wireless internet contract, paying electricity bills, or buying furniture. Serviced apartments allow expats to focus on the work they’re here to do and to enjoy their stay in the city.

While most commonly occupied by expatriates, serviced apartments are also the ideal solution for local residents who need a short term apartment to stay in while their home is being renovated.


2. Access to Cooking & Laundry Facilities

As serviced apartments act as a home away from home, the hardware is fitted differently than that of hotel rooms. Serviced apartments are often equipped with a fully stocked kitchen as well as washing facilities. Dining out may seem enticing during the first week of your visit, but even the best restaurants can get repetitive and eating out daily may heavily increase your expenditure. It is also easier to cater to special dietary requirements when cooking at home.

The same applies to doing your laundry outside, which can be inconvenient, costly and time consuming. Other living necessities, including living spaces like dining rooms and living rooms, will not have to be missed when moving to a serviced apartment in Hong Kong either. These living spaces and cooking and laundry facilities are convenient, cost-saving and allow you freedom as well as privacy during your stay.




3. Quality & Personalized Services

Apart from providing living necessities and facilities, serviced apartments are distinguished from regular apartments by providing high-quality customer services, housekeeping and on-site repair and maintenance services. Your expat living experience in Hong Kong is maximized with cleaning, towel, and linen services several times a week, to ensure that your home stays fresh and tidy. This frees up more valuable time to enjoy the neighborhood and to experience life as a Hong Kong resident. Serviced apartments also offer a personalized experience, as guests often get to know the onsite staff and community on a ‘first name’ basis by the end of their stay. This allows the onsite team to learn their residents’ needs as well, to the extent of knowing their guests’ preferred cleaning schedule, or even where to place clean towels.




4. Value for Location & Savings on Longer Stays

Serviced apartments are a cost-efficient way to experience living in prime areas in Hong Kong, such as Happy Valley or Causeway Bay, without paying for the high hotel nightly rates in these areas. Serviced apartment providers often offer numerous room layouts to cater to a variety of budgets, ranging from studios to larger one-bedrooms and two bedroom suites, or even penthouses with a private rooftop sky garden. Despite costing less than a hotel for a short-term monthly lease, serviced apartments in Hong Kong offer more value for your money, as well as long-term cost savings.



5. Experience Living Like a Local

Last but not least, living in a serviced apartment can give you the intangible feeling of truly living like a local. Enjoy cooking a meal at home using local ingredients, or take a walk around your now familiar neighborhood. Living in a short term apartment can provide you with an authentic experience of life in Hong Kong.


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