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Where to enjoy live music in Hong Kong

Where to Enjoy Live Music in Hong Kong

Live music bars and restaurants in Hong Kong can be easily overlooked, but there are plenty of gems hidden in plain sight. From piano-led live jazz sessions to bands rocking away on guitars and acoustic soul performances: the city’s live music bars host musicians across all music genres to satisfy every imaginable music preference. We help you locate the hottest live music venues across Hong Kong Island. 
Peel Fresco
A few steps away from Castle One, Peel Fresco is a Live Music Lounge located at 49 Peel Street in Central. Boasting live performances almost every night of the week, this cozy bar celebrates local talents such as Eugene Pao, the first Hong Kong jazz musician to sign a contract with an international record label, as well as local-born drummer Nate Wong and his “The Wong Way Down” performance every Sunday night. This live music bar offers some of the best live jazz performances in Hong Kong, so make sure to drop by if you enjoy this genre of music.
G/F, the 49 Peel Street, Central
The Wanch 
One of the longest standing live music bars in Hong Kong, The Wanch celebrated 30 years of history in 2017. Its incredible longevity can be attributed not just to the passion of the owners but also their commitment to music – they host an average of 70 different acts every month. In contrast to the two bars listed above, The Wanch isn’t a passive listening experience. There is a real dance vibe to The Wanch, so be prepared to move!
G/F, 54 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai
If the venues listed above sound too tame for you, check out Amazonia in Wan Chai. Billing themselves as a place where “wild and wonderful people hang out” – Amazonia is not the place for subtlety. However, if you’re looking for a place to let loose, this live band bar is the place to be. Their sweet spot is 80s to 90s rock, and the band is known to go on all the way until dawn.
G/F, 15-19 Luard Road, Wan Chai
Dusk Till Dawn
Despite its oddly whimsical interiors (yellow and purple), Dusk Till Dawn is a supremely popular bar that attracts young expats on the weekends. An institution in Hong Kong’s live music scene, the band at Dusk Till Dawn specializes in power ballads from Tina Turner to Queen, attracting a perpetually energetic crowd looking to have fun. This colorful live music bar features a pleasant outdoor terrace area ,where you can take a breather before going back inside for more dancing, singing and drinking.
G/F, 76 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai
If you’re ready to see more of Hong Kong’s nightlife after getting your energy levels up with invigorating live music, find out more on the best places to visit after the sun sets here.

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