Why Choose a Serviced Apartment over a Hotel?

Many people are unclear about the difference between a Serviced Apartment and a Hotel. There are several concerns you should keep in mind when comparing the two.

With more than a decade of experience in running hotels and serviced apartments and ample feedback opportunities from our customers,  The V can shed light on this topic.


What is a Serviced Apartment?

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished living space, complete with internet connection, kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities. Designed to feel like a home away from home, a serviced apartment gives you to freedom to do as you please, with added conveniences similar to a hotel, such as kitchen and bathroom amenities, housekeeping and other guest services. Serviced apartments can be rented for time periods as short as several nights, to long-term periods ranging from months to years.


Serviced Apartments vs Hotels: The Differences

1. Amenities

The central difference between a hotel and a serviced apartment is the difference in amenities. As guests often stay in a serviced apartment for longer periods, serviced apartments are equipped with all the daily necessities that help make guests feel at home in what may often be a foreign environment. These necessities range from a fully equipped kitchen complete with pots, pans, and cutlery, to washing and drying machines. Customers staying at serviced apartments are free to cook their favorite recipes and to do laundry whenever they please, just like they would at home. At the same time, they still enjoy many of the services that a hotel would offer, including regular housekeeping and WiFi connection.

Hotel guests enjoy fewer amenities in their rooms, which mostly feature only the basic furniture such as a desk, bed and closet, in addition to a mini fridge, water boiler or coffee machine. As such, hotel guests typically rely on restaurants at the hotel or neighbouring are for meals. In addition, any laundry that needs to be done will incur an additional fee - if available at all.


2. Living like a local

Taking away the differences in furniture and facilities, the main incentive of living in a serviced apartment is the ability to experience a city through living like a local! Living in a serviced apartment positions guests within an authentic local neighborhood, which allows them to avoid feeling like just another tourist detached from the real feel of the city they are staying in. Staying in a hotel can often come across as polished and restrained, and the experience does not always reflect the local lifestyle. This is why The V’s serviced apartments are located in Hong Kong’s most exciting neighbourhoods – Causeway Bay, Wan Chai and Happy Valley – giving you a taste of the true Hong Kong life.


3. Freedom

In  a serviced apartment you are not subject to breakfast cut-off times, daily housekeeping sessions and phone calls from the front desk. You have the freedom to do as you desire, and to go wherever you want at any hour of the day. This freedom makes staying in a serviced apartment more private than a hotel.


4. Customized Experience

With fewer apartments and spaces available, serviced apartment guests get a more personalized experience with the staff, as our teams typically get to know guests better over the course of their stay. This experience rarely happens at hotels, especially those that have high staff turnover and multitudes of guests coming in and out every day.


5. Cost advantage when booking for longer term

Most serviced apartments can offer steep discounts for long term stays, while hotels do not offer flexible rates and routinely charge at daily rates. These discounts can add up significantly, making stays of several weeks, months or even years considerably more economical in a serviced apartment than in a hotel. The cost saving per head is especially substantial when staying with family or a group, as hotels typically charge an additional fee per person while serviced apartments typically do not charge extra per head.



All in all, if you are visiting for a short term and you only have a couple of days to experience a city, a hotel might offer everything that you need. However, we’d like to think serviced apartments have a special niche– one built on crafting a home-like, friendly experience for all guests who stay with us, regardless of duration, often at a better value than a hotel room as well.



Feel free to contact us to learn more about staying in a serviced apartment, or explore our serviced apartments in Causeway Bay, Happy Valley and Wan Chai.


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